Suggested and designed by Steam user Tini. This mod creates a new religion, Merling King, that a pirate holder of the Summer Seas can form through an intrigue declaration. Upon declaration all Pirates, Corsairs, and Ladies of the Waves will be "invited" to convert, if they refuse the Merling King will recieve a claim on their primary title. You have to hold the empire of Summer Seas, the Merling King can't already exist, Not at war, and have Gogogososssosos(sp?), restored. It also enables intermarriage between corsairs and the pirate group, though characters of either don't appear in the marriage list so you'll have to find eligible spouses yourself. Creates 2 new kingdoms to divide the Summer Islands, Central Summer Islands and Southern Summer Islands. Added mrlovermaker's edits to enable slave raids for Pirates.

Pirate Godking for A Game of Thrones 1.9

Different, but cool.

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SinStar87 Author

Thanks :) Not that different though, my New Ways Drowned God works in a similar fashion.

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