Credits of this file go to bibber who has been a massive source for keeping this community alive still. I decided to spend a few nights trying to get the AI to use the pacifier special ability, and I seem to have it working to a comparison in the original Uprising game. I'm just providing the xml file if you wish to replace it, you will need to download the Upheaval source code which can be found on his website.

Pacifier FAV - Red Slert 3 Source (Fixed Special Ability)

Wow, Thank you! It's my favorite Uprising Unit, and it is so sad AI not using it with all abilities... until Now! I add this on next version of my AI Mod!

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It's also mine. It was a bit of a try this (FAIL) recompile and then try this...Ooo that works.

I added a list of rules in the AI tag in the game object. Its good to use the schematic files as reference to know what rules the game will accept.

Getting the AI to deploy the Grand Cannon was the easy part, the ability was using a dummy weapon with a damage of 0 as reference meaning the AI usually prefers the most damage.

The difficult part was getting the AI to pack back up and move about etc.

I will be releasing the fixed Future Tank X1 ability soon.
It isn't used in Uprising it'self so the results are...interesting.

Apologies for the waffling.

Happy Modding! :-)

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