IMPORTANT NOTE: Reinstall this mod if you have it already. A new file version has been upload to replace the last one. This fixes the Sabaoth boss killing the player with one BFG blast, and increases rocket launcher damage. To update, simply install the mod again, and replace the Overzealous folder in your Doom 3 directory with the new version you just downloaded. Doom 3 Overzealous, over the top, overpowered. Whatever you want to call it, this mod does what every other Doom mod does; tweaked weapons. But, there's a twist. With every buff, weapons have a nerf. Enemies are stronger, too. With edited weapon sounds, firing effects, weapon textures, and stats, you'll still play Doom 3 the same, but you'll never see it the same again... Don't deny it, and don't be afraid.

overzealous 1.1 Mod Release
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