Nysne is a low-fantasy mod for Warband. It takes place in Calradia, a generation or two after the Native game. Though much is the same in Calradia, things are beginning to change - drastically. It is a pivotal time in the land's history that could easily be shaped by a single leader...


Did I do something wrong? When extracting the game, there is an error with a music file. Well, I guess I can live without that.
But when launching the game, it CTD while loading, with an error message saying it can't load a file in Modules/Nysne/Resource/textures_face_gen.brf?
No such file, or even folder exists. Should I try re downloading? It didn't appear to have any corruption other than the singular music file, so I don't see how that would help...

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Ruthventwo Author

Just try reinstalling the mod. Make sure you have the current Warband version and that you are extracting the Nysne folder to .../Mount&Blade; Warband/Modules/

Edit: I have just checked the download itself and everything is fine. The issue must be something on your end.

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