Changelog: -added playable Dragons with unique portraits, culture, and ethnicity -males, females, and children each have a unique portrait -Dragon trait follows ethnicity -ruling over humans (non-dragon culture counties) as a dragon will occasionally cause problems with the locals -added Dragonborn trait for humans with one dragon parent -Dragonborn trait is inheritable and can pass further to children -added a selectable dragon character to the start date -dragons with draconic culture can scorch occupied or owned lands, leaving long-lasting debuffs and possibly destroying holdings -draconic culture provinces will have smaller levies, but MUCH better cavalry (may need further balancing) -added support for the "era" start system, including all new character descriptions -bookmarked characters now each have a set, specific appearance -modified several traits to affect personal combat ability -allowed Luciferians to be generated with magical education traits -nerfed initial event

Mythos 0.95

It lives! Mod fthagen!

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