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V1.0 of the mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Mankind Divided. The mod is for the PC version of the game only.

Mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Mankind Divided

I like the idea of this mod, but it sounds like all it does is just make the game harder, rather than balancing it across the board. Is damage more equal or anything like that between player and enemy so both go down fast?

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Grognougnou Author

I didn't change the damage. In top of making the game harder, it's more a mod which tries to enhance the RPG aspects by making the player choose more :
- What he wants to carry and use,
- What playstyle he wants to use (Since not all Jensen's augmentations can be enabled during a single playthrough, it makes Jensen to be more customized at the end of the game).

Plus, since some augmentations can somehow compensate others and since the augmentations don't cost anymore the same number of praxis kits, it makes the player think more what augmentation he really wants to enable.
For example : The Radar now costs 5 praxis kits, which is a lots. But with only 3 praxis kits, you can enable the eye augmentations which make you see through walls and which can be used to spot where enemies are.
In this example, each one of these 2 augmentations has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you need praxis kits to enable another augmentation which costs a lots (like the cloaking augmentation), then you may go for the eyes augmentations and use it to detect enemies rather than with the radard. And if you don't need extra praxis, you may go for the radar (more practical and costs no energy,...).

Same if the inventory is full, you can enable the disassembler augmentation and use the created replacement parts to create multitools (which now take more places but can still stack infinitely, ect ...

The mod focuses more on things like that.

That said, if what you wanted to know if it was still possible to entirely "cleanse" levels from enemies when the mod is enabled, the answer is yes. You can still do that. It's not that easy but it's still possible.

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