THe mod MIB88 has been working on for years, adding new content to Fallout 2. Make sure and run ProcessDat2.exe before playing, not doing that will cause error when saving. Manual install package.

MIB88 Megamod v2.44 (manual install)

I have the 2.44 version. The BoS base missions don't work after you complete the first mission. When you go back to the base, you are given another mission but when you finish it, the game does not recognize that it is done, then when the base is attacked, nothing happens, but when you leave and come back, the battle is over, and there is a glitch when you finish the mission they act like you never got the password, and when you somehow manage to get into the base, you can't get out because you do not "know it" and the only way to leave is to enter combat. I can't access brokenhills, and I think some other areas, but can't remember. Let me know if there will be additional fixes/updates.

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Dowland the windows version of it and see if it works

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