MelsPerisno 0.75 OPTIONAL version. Perisno 0.75 is NOT needed in order for this mod.

MelsPerisno 0.75
gilgamesh912 - - 273 comments

Awesome work as per usual guys!

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h0nger - - 121 comments

The full version of Perisno 0.75 doesn't include the MelsPerisno, does it?

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Garlion - - 5 comments


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Will0104 - - 69 comments

I havnt downloaded the mod yet, but is this worth downloading or what? i dont really get why there are 2 full 0.75 versions :/

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MelanieWard - - 25 comments

Choices are good! Feel free to play either version, or both.

A quick list of the changes in MelsPerisno:


- Draharan noble troops are now females: camel archers and elephant archers.
- Rafklazan has finally gone home. But his tales have inspired another exotic king to come adventuring. Beware!
- Female troop line restored to MelsPerisno promotions.
- Cavalry Archers replaced by very tough foot soldiers.
- Assassins have stopped being archers and are now Knightsbanes using pole arms.
- Perisno Maidens still use crossbows, on foot and on horseback. Other female cavalry are shock cavalry.
- Thrown weapons now do 20% more damage.
- Most kingdom recruits can be sidegraded to Perisno Recruits.
- A few more minor cosmetic changes here and there.

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Michadr Author
Michadr - - 1,345 comments

As Mel said, it is up to you. It just depends what you prefer from Perisno. MelsPerisno simply adds a flavor of choices. Simply read the changelog.

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fryhth - - 9 comments

hi michadr i wanted to know y i cant play this mod when i keep this mod on download it starts properly but i stop on about 600 mb and when i open the file nothing is there in it. this problem started from version 0.73. plzz help me out im down and out frustrated i have tried about 100 tyms like really plzzz man help me.

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Michadr Author
Michadr - - 1,345 comments

I am not sure what I can do since it seems your internet is not up to par to download the file. If you can't download the full file, shoot me a pm and i could try uploading it somewhere else for you.

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Guest - - 698,924 comments

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Persodian130 - - 1 comments

Yea. Does MelsPerisno come with all the things that Perisno has to offer? or are they two totally separate things, what I mean to say does Mels include the changes in perisno 0.75?

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Kitkat23 - - 71 comments

I wanna know if Mel'spersino has changed the faces of lords and ladies cause in Perisno all lords and ladies looks the same since they are made from one sample of face for each gender.

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leonard3rd - - 3 comments

Do you think it is possible for you to add Decapitate or dismember your enemies?

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icheltso - - 23 comments

Is it possible to create a separate download for MelsPerisno on the page, one which can be used as a patch for 0.75. I just downloaded 0.75 and downloading it all over again with a few minor changes is going to be annoying.

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Guest - - 698,924 comments

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jmac006 - - 135 comments

Guys, The mod has a lot of potential and I'm sure you are proud of your hard work. I do believe this will be amazing when you guys are done. There are 2 game breaking flaws or bugs at the moment for me personally.

1. The game doesn't resolve battle numbers correctly when it comes to enemies and allies in the field.
Example A. I was in a battle where 700+ allied troops and were fighting against 300 enemy troops. When I personally took the field to the fight in the battle allied reinforcements stoped coming after about 300 total allied dead....There should of been another 400 that kept coming. I retreated from the fight being the only survivor, back to the battle menu where I had the option to order troops to fight with allies against the enemy and those were correct numbers so we easily won.

Example B......Assualted an enemy town with a bunch of other lords, the kingdoms marhsall leading the attack...the enemy city said it had 400 defenders total.....we won the battle after about 240 were dead or wounded. What happend to the other 160 defenders that were suppose to be there.

2. This is really crazy to me.....I was in the middle of my kingdoms army....and some blood riders or something rode up to me, and none of my fellow kingdom mates auto joined I was surrounded by a dozen friendly lords but not one auto came to my aid, so anytime these guys rode into me, they just attacked me instead of the entire army joining in.

Please let me know if and when u guys are planning to fix these so I can come on back to the game. Thanks and all in all a very impressive enterprise you have going.

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Guest - - 698,924 comments

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Guest - - 698,924 comments

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juninhosb - - 23 comments

Can you help me? My game does not want to show the information in it during the game. As experience , or a city is in siege for example.
What I do?

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TheKaiseriswiser - - 159 comments

I pray Mels updates once more in the future, it makes for an excellent sub/side mod to Perisno.

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