MODDERS ONLY - As promised, the source files for my map "Malachor: Ruins". This download is for modders and can only be used with battlefront 2 modtools. Download this if you want to modify/edit/add features to the map.

Malachor: Ruins (Source Files)
DarthSith - - 1,717 comments

Somone needs to add some Rebels Heros to this map aswell Ahsoka vs Vader would be more than fitting

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Teancum - - 180 comments

Thank you! This is without a doubt one of the prettiest and well thought out maps in a very long time. I plan to port this over to the Xbox for the next release!

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DarthSkotia - - 98 comments

How is it possible that you can port it to the Xbox?!

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Troha_Halen - - 179 comments

Oh they've done it before

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Guest - - 696,309 comments

Please keep modifying and updating this map.

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Borono - - 50 comments

Thanks a lot this is an incredible gift for the community

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