Standard Series - the Maelstrom Mod introduces three new races to the SoaSE Universe. The TEC, Advent & Vasari are still found building and battling as usual. The new races are independent of the original races & have unique strengths & weaknesses.

Maelstrom v1.053 R8 (Entrenchment SoaSE)

I've been following this Mod since ver 4. In fact, I've only created an account here at ModDB for this mod. I'd like to encourage you to continue development of the Trade Alliance leaning toward the Battlestar universe. I was shocked when you called the Galactica the Excalibur, and even more shocked when you renamed them entirely. Your guys have such a good head start on that faction, please, keep them. (I'll be modifying my names if i can find the right place to do so. In my mini mod of your mod, i even took all their shields away for a more realistic Colonial faction. Please, lean back toward a Battlestar faction, not just another generic one to fill in the gaps.

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soase-maelstrom Author

Have you played the "Blood and Chrome" mod?

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