Have you even been bothered about how your country's name seems to boring? Or if you want to have better names? Well then this is for you. This mod changes your country's names and changes it to the country's local language so that you can feel even more immersion while playing. Instead of seeing just USA or Portugal, you now get "United States of America" and "Reino de Portugal e Algarves". Some countries may still have English names, due to the following: -Post-colonial nations can't have their country name in the language of their colonizer since that may change in VIC2. -Difficult to translate a non-Latin alphabet and romanize it. This is compatible with the following mods: -Vanilla -HPM -HFM -Anon's HFM Edits Mods that will soon be compatible with this include: -TGC -HFM Expanded Any advice and suggestions are welcomed! If you think the country names are wrong or if you think it can be improved, please tell me as it is highly appreciated. Thank you for trying out my mod!

Localized Country Names Version 0.1
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