The Legion of the Damned race for Soulstorm. This adds the Legion as a race for skirmish or multiplayer - simply Unzip the contents to your Soulstorm root directory, but NOTE THAT YOU NEED THE OBJECTIVE POINTS MOD INSTALLED.

Legion of the Damned for Soulstorm - Beta 0.666

w0w that is just truly shockingly advanced ! *

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The mod doesn't work, it keeps saying that it failed to load.

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fuggles2k Author

Do you have the objective points mod? It's a prerequisite and is on the files page. You will need this for most SS race mods.

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I played this mod since the beginning of the quarantine and I must say, I always end up sidelined while playing this mod. You can't really beat an enemy detachment alone with this current version. Sometimes the only way to win is by supporting a single army while outnumbering them two armies vs one.
I must admit, lorewise they were never an established race. Denying them heavy defenses is a Good thing since they seem to just appear out of nowhere. However the problem starts with unit production and unit abilities. The Marines in general are only capable of dealing massive damage when they are demoralized and experience Pyromortis or during late game after the Stealth upgrade is bought and to bear in mind that they are constantly outnumbered which makes it harder to even cause damage.

Honestly I would like to suggest lowering unit caps/unit production time or the addition of personal teleporters for all bipedal units would be a far better update. I found it troubling that sometimes you have to send three outriders for harassment duty as you wait till a single, undermanned, slow as hell tactical marine squad to make it out on the front lines only to learn later that you will be defending a LP or otherwise your Gate could end up collapsing. It's established that LOTD engages an enemy if the Imperium needs a win and they appear in less than a hundred but smacks the heck out of nearly everybody. With this mod, you're the leech. You get smacked unless you had the IG.

With this in mind, the only thing I've found truly lacking is Production speed, unit caps and the special ability of the tactical Marines since they are the backbone of the force. We can comprise two for one like faster production but 5population for a tactical squad or just 3pop for +5 more seconds production. Or just screw those two and give them teleporters, they were known to appear and disappear after a fight BTW.
The "Just a figment of your imagination" skill is only helpful if you play easy-standard while early to mid-game but it sucks after it gets harder when the AI uses massed infantry tactics not to mention their current mobility leaves you scrambling with either a queuing a rhino or a dreadnought.

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