A conversion mod design to allow playing vanilla DOOM/DOOM2 on Heretic. Converts all the textures/enemies/items into fantasy themed equivalents intended to blend into the Heretic universe. Should work with any levels designed with only vanilla DOOM/DOOM2 assets. Link to more info in description. REQUIRES GZDOOM

Heretic To Doom conversion MOD version 1.25

Do you know of a similar project that does the opposite, i.e. make Heretic levels playable in Doom?

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MrEsturk Author

Not that I'm aware, at least not to this degree of detail.

There are old DOS era conversion programs like DM2Conv that will convert Heretic to DOOM, but the results tend to be rather terrible as they stick to vanilla assets, which don't tend to translate between the two games very well.

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It is really puzzling as to why nobody has tried doing so, given all the amazing mapsets and mods that have been produced over the last decades. You would think blasting your way through Doom monsters would be fun in Heretic levels...

I guess people generally just do not care enough about Heretic in general! :S

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