Half-Life Techno Remix - Author CuRaDo HL Techno remix from 2001

Half-Life Remix
Wakkaboom - - 469 comments

Wtf man... I think its time to remove this Game...

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Doommarine23 - - 653 comments


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MillyRainbowskittlez - - 137 comments

i would love to hear the explination, PLEASE continue your FABULOUS bash against halflife, while you bring in all other fps games, and then in the end say that ALL games that contain violence should be removed completely. (i tend to try to not have any comments on this one, because of how idiotic the idea sounds)
Or perhaps your going to say that this game is so old that it needs to be removed because its been outdated, and that your a gamer of 'better graphics' well guess what, if it werent for these old games, you wouldnt have your fancy little games with hightech top notch graphics that almost look real, that are all graphics and no storyline, and in the end is just brainless hack and slash for the mindless masses of todays 'new' generations. and if you actually fall under this catagory, congradulations, your one of the millions of the mindless people that live here.

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MillyRainbowskittlez - - 137 comments

oh yeah and, nice :D next time add a few access denied's, gorden your needed in the test chamber, and a few voice overs from end game G-man to end it off.
'its time to choose gorden... wise decision, w-w-w-w-wise decision, gorden.... gorden, w-w-w-w-wise decision, decision. nothing personal... gorden, the people i work with, work with, put you into a battle, a-a-a-a-a-a batttttttle that you cannot, cannot win, MAN did you see that shot?'
>.> yeah i know the sentences dont add up 100% and yes, they are out of order on purpose.
lol its a start for an idea xP

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felipe1355 - - 124 comments

is good!

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