Content Update. Adds the Kushan race, 12 gameplay maps, new Progenitor Carrier model & more. Patchnotes in the .zip

FX:Galaxy v1.09 (HWRM v1.0-v1.27)
KonaTek - - 162 comments


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Guest - - 695,282 comments

i have a problem,the mod does not work,vs pc when the game is loading the game quit when load UNIVERSE....what can i do,i very like your mod i play the last mod for days,and i very wanna play this one...please help me

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WildHeart|GENESIS| Author
WildHeart|GENESIS| - - 221 comments

This is a problem that may randomly occur when playing as Kushan. Simply try re-loading it or select another map.

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Guest - - 695,282 comments

no;i just try to play any different configuration of race and map,nothing so far,when it arrive to load Universe the game just quit,what can i do?

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MrPollos - - 1 comments

have you updated your Base game?, this mod is meant to be run on V1.27

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RazgrizGhost - - 4 comments

Is the new update for 1.28 compatibility getting uploaded soon? Also are the issues with the research modules for the Taiidan and Kushan fixed, didn't see it in the changelog.

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iTalos - - 4 comments

Hello, please tell me how can I contact the developer of this mod? Thank you!

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