Enjoy, tell me if there are any bugs! gottafillthis50letterspacewithsomething!


Hey , I played it, and was very nice :3 I liked the midi and the map design was cool , it has that "new mapper" feel to it , but in the good way c:

Good work!

Some weird things that I found tho , was a couple of textures raising with a door at some point , the secrets wheren't hidden at all, and the grenade launcher didn't give me the grenade launcher I think .-. (Played with Skulltag in OpenGl mode)

Solid 6/10 ! :3

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Tycitron Author

This is like a year late, But thanks very much! it means alot that my map design is somewhat good! this map is going to be used in my Personal Doom 3 megawad project. Obv its gonna heavily updated as im loads better with Slade 3 and Doom builder, so anyway. thanks!

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