This release consists of the first map (unfortunately the 2nd is not yet complete- but due to the randomisation of monsters and items, replayability should be high). Create a mod folder "Enemy" within your Doom 3 directory and unzip its contents into that folder, and then you can simply run the "Enemy.bat" file to play. My custom monsters are located in the file "Enemymonsters.pk4", and modders are permitted to use these monsters in their own mods. Comments will be welcome as they will give a good indication of how I should progress with subsequent maps.

Escape from Enemy Mountain- Map 1 + Monsterpack
BenjaminPulido - - 110 comments

ok Downloading¡¡¡

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BenjaminPulido - - 110 comments

cool music from the clasic doom¡¡¡
Over the weekend I play your mod

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downlode - - 214 comments

Nice work, with the random boogeymen this will be on my HD for quite a while. Looking forward to the full release.

LOL, just noticed the release date. Oh well, still fun.

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