changed ship icons to Yoshiboys,got all the defaults set to where they should be for diplomacy preferences,moved Kuss, Kusace, Zintar, Epeshe, Taujilo,and ruv,Zintars port should work now,moved naval academies, made their ports the spawn point for the faction navies,changed death script again, only 5% chance you won't be wounded on knockout,moved maui, treon, buillin, tor, and rowna,ports are now owned by the proper faction, on a 24 hour trigger to change if ownership changes,gave water travel script to villagers and gave them their own ship icon,all merchants are in at the naval academies,you can visit the naval academies now,added 17 more AI ports,royal traders should have loot now,commoners ship should no longer show up on map when you leave the port,changed the horse movement sound volumes,

Empire III Beta3 patch3
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