dys_cyberspace.exe is a self running bink video which shows a run through Dystopia's Cyberspace environment. Cyberspace is a 3D representation of the level's computer network. While his team mates are involved in high action gun fights in the real world, the decker much jack in and battle for control of various systems in Cyberspace. The footage was taken by a player taking on the decker role for the Corporate Security Forces team. This player has jacked into Cyberspace and makes a run from the high security red node (which controls the force field which protects the final objective), through the yellow node (which controls the security systems such as auto turrets) and finally through the green maintenance node (which has controls for the loading dock doors and maintenance access door). This video should give everyone a good idea of the unique physics system which Team Dystopia have created for Cyberspace and the kind of speeds and incredible movement which is possible. Jack...

Dystopia Cyberspace Video

Virus file?

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