A Game of Thrones doesn't have Duelist have any affect on duels, a lot of users(myself among them) disagree. I already have this edit in my People's Champ mod but know not everyone would like everything it includes. As such, I'm releasing Dueling Duelists.

Dueling Duelists for A Game of Thrones 1.7.1

Hello.. Just downloaded this submod, are you sure this is working as intended? None of the dueling events are changed, and the dueling trait has been given a rating of 2? isnt this supposed to be 20?

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SinStar87 Author

Duels were changed to look to combat rating so events file are no longer needed. I'll beef up the combat rating next chance I get.

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Hey, been trying to get the mod to work for a while but it seems to not be adding anything to the duel trait as in there is no duel skill boost just the regular martial and prestige boost. Tried using with people's champ (which is working) and tried without (just using DD) but neither seem to be affecting the duelist trait. Im using agot version 1.7.1 with ck2 version

Any help would be appreciated thanks :)

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Found out the issue is with congenital overhaul :(

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