This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v6.15: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game installed. To install, simply extract all files to an empty folder and then run DTA.exe to play.

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v6.15 (1.175)

Nice work with the update, but...

The Red Alert radar online sound uses a diffrent sound than what I expected to hear. I played the original Red Alert and the radar online sound differs from what I hear in DTA. Also, there's only a RA radar online sound option, there's no offline sound whatsoever.

Maybe you could modify the sound so it uses the radar sounds from the OG RA.

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Bittah_Commander Author

Seems you're right. I found the correct sound, so I'll include that one with the next update.

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That's good to know.

BTW, I noticed that in the client, that one toolbar that you see in the bottom by default is still onscreen, regardless of fullscreen. This didn't happen in older versions though. Is this intentional or not?

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