Original Dow & WA Campaign missions + Advanced Campaign improvements. Last Fix also included.

DoW & WA Advanced Campaign v3.2 for Soulstorm
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No problems at all with the first mission, went off just fine using the "Optional 1st mission if you've got error"
THANKS Nikasik!

FYI for the untutored
Campaign Missions, CampaignMissions.module, DXP2Dummy.module install into Soulstorm folder (X:\..MyInstallPath\...\Dawn of War Soulstorm\)

use DOW ModManager installed there to activate
From menu Select "Campaign"
When game opens select Campaign
and original campaign (Campaign 1) and cutscenes will appear for original DOW campaign.

If you have Steam version there is likely a scar error in 1st mission. According to another conversation( ), this scar error will not probably appear in nonSteam version or stop from mission completion,

I had the error as am on Steam, restarted the mission, used "Optional 1st mission if you've got error folder files " which is opened and its data folder is dragged into Campaign Missions folder (let it overwrite).

And as above in 1st paragraph, no errors!
Keep up the good work!

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