The ULTIMATE Christmas compilation - Use it to add a little holiday cheer to your favorite IWAD or PWAD! Please use the included doomxmas.deh file or some issues will arise. There are also 32 Christmas MIDIs included as doomxmus.wad and silly as this may sound, they're the absolute best ones out there. I really enjoyed replaying Doom2 with this, it definitely adds some charm and comedy. Check out the 'additional credits' section to see the various wads this has been compiled from. Lastly, this modification is 100% vanilla compatible - Have fun!

DOOM CHRISTMAS - For Doom II & Final Doom
Luktom100 - - 79 comments

Looks and plays great, but i recommend to turn off "Use Fake Contrast" in whatever port you're playing, otherwise textures are too bright and whitened in some areas. Thanks for sharing this :)

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SRGI_Games - - 3 comments

This is by far my favorite Christmas mod for anything, really.
Obviously, I saved this for the holidays since it feels right. The Christmas music MIDIs makes this a complete package.

By the time I landed the final rocket into the Icon of Sin's exposed brain, I let out a triumphant "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!".

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DoomKid. Author
DoomKid. - - 13 comments

I'm so glad I read this comment while it was still 2022. Glorious!

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uac - - 4 comments

i want to give credit to DoomKid for this excellent holiday mod theme for doom wads.

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