Doom 3 Evolution is a Single-Player Game-Play Conversion Mod. It is meant to be played with original Doom 3 storyline/levels. The main features of this mod are it's original Class and Skill system, as well as Weapon and Augment upgrade system. In a couple of words- this mod gives Doom 3 the depth it deserves, by introducing various new tools and skills, and a great variety of possible characters.

Doom 3 Evolution
TheChozeLa - - 77 comments

nice job but you should have included a "read-me" to tell us how to turn the DOF/ movement flou/film grain effect on/off!!!

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SpiritusSanctus Author
SpiritusSanctus - - 102 comments

I didn't think anyone would like them turned off. For you and everyone else wanting to take control:

Motion blur - r_useMotionBlur
Film grain - r_useFilmgrain
Depth of field - r_useDof
Bloom - r_bloom

Most of these have multiple states, they are explaine in the console.

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

23 megs is not worth dowloading so by seeing that its so small i wouldnt bother

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SpiritusSanctus Author
SpiritusSanctus - - 102 comments

Size is irrelevant. It is a gameplay conversion so most of it is programmed.

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,618 comments

For this version, these are the real stats for the 3 classes.

--- The Heavy Weapons Support Class:
+ The pistol and chaingun do double damage.
+ The chaingun is more accurate.
+ Can carry double pistol, shotgun and chaingun ammo.
+ No penalty for armor augmentation.
+ Has very strong melee attack.
- Has slower walking speed.

--- The Military Engineering Class:
+ The Shotgun does double damage.
+ Has two tools, one is always grenades.
+ Can carry +50% more shotgun ammo and junk.
+ No penalty for running augmentation.
+ Has normal melee attack.
- Has less stamina.

--- The Special Operations Class:
+ The Plasmagun and BFG do 50% more damage.
+ Plasmagun is more accurate.
+ Has two implants, one is always recharge.
+ Can carry +50% more energy.
+ No penalty for jumping augmentation.
+ Has NO melee attack.
- Has slower stamina regeneration.

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