DEAD HUNGER =========== A GZDoom TC mod created by tonton Mayonnaise You live in a crappy motel in a small town. One night screams wake you up suddenly. It seems that people are fighting in the hallway ... What could happen in such a small and peaceful town ?


ok so the weapons are pretty good especially the double barrel shotgun, running through big hordes of zombies is quite fun. But there's one bad thing about the mod and that the hud. the health, armor and weapon ammo hud elements are way too close to the center of the screen and I didn't find a way to get them to the edges of the screen, and also the revolver displays the pistol clip at the bottom right instead of the bullets. Also dude you should look at your comments more as I've commented on abducted and gl-2075 because those two have some problems too

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Wow! Just barely started playing, but had to stop & say thanks for this. Very well done! :)

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