DC Global Front is a mini-mod for the legendary Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942. It adds new armies (factions), vehicles, hand weapons and maps to the DC core build. Some of the DC/vanilla 42 maps have been renamed and reworked to better suit the GF environment. Global Front features a series of maps that depict individual scenarios that may or may not be connected to the other maps. There is no overall story line to connect everything together. GF is intended to be played in coop game mode (due to limited players with such an old game) but Conquest and Objective fully supported. This is the first public release of Global Front and it is, unfortunately, still in a Beta form. There are many WIP/unfinished elements that our small team wishes to finish. We intend to continue and improve Global Front; adding to the build so long as players want new content and the team is enthusiastic to continue our “hobby”.

DC Global Front 0.2A beta
buschhans - - 568 comments

It have the potential to be the best DC Mod for BF 1942 you have ever seen! Now comes the 0.2 C update hope with lot of more features.
And that it now the best DC which we hope it.

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dhavoc002 - - 5 comments

DC when download

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