This version includes only the bare minimum files to run Doom64 Absolute Perdition. Doom 64 The Absolution is not included in this download, neither does it have extra midi music. * Features No Replacement Sprites Or Sounds, Only Doom64 And Doom2 Assets Are Used Weapons Have Been Overhauled, All Guns Do Extra Damage At Point Blank Range Monsters Are Tougher And Have Multiple Attacks, Including Melee Attacks Variants Of Monsters From Doom2 Have Been Added Player Is Tougher And Ammo Is More Abundant Explosive Barrels Slide In The Direction You Shoot Them Rocket Pickup Items Will Explode If Shot Corrections And Additions Made To Intermission Screens And Messages Zombie Sounds Have Been Reworked, As Well As A Few Other Sounds A Savegame File Giving You The Ability To Jump

D64APv1-Lite Edition
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