700+ Screenshots and a few Wallpapers. All Screenshots are in FullHD and with maximum dx9 graphics.

Crysis Maximum Screenshot Pack

Wallpapers? Looks more like an excuse to post your screenshots online to me. Once the download is approved by ModDB I'll download it and confirm my suspicions (from looking at the preview image):

-HUD is visible
-Weapon is visible
-No AA
-No cfg changes
-No visual/environment mods
-No DX10 (though I can understand this)

The only thing going for the preview is image composition, which is okay, but not great.

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Yup, just a bunch of screenshots, of which only a handful might be worthy wallpapers - had he used hardware anti-aliasing and removed the HUD and weapons.

There are 16 official wallpapers released by Crytek in here though, mostly about the multiplayer and weapon renders though.

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peniku8 Author

aa is @ 8x
i made these screenshots a few months after the game was released

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I really don't see how people say this is better looking then Crysis 2.... the ONLY thing this game has better, is the size of the game(big island)...

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Crysis 1 has better textures, more detailed foliage, and quite a few different looking environments. Crysis 2 has lots of bloom.
Crysis 1 > Crysis 2 (By FAR)

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Taken as a whole, I'll admit any random point in Crysis 2 looks better than any random point in Crysis 1. Mostly this is due to better skyboxes, post processing effects, and gameplay generated effects. Crysis 1 has the actually impressive stuff like foliage, texture resolution, view distances and semi-sandbox levels. And to be honest, vast jungles are more impressive than wartorn cities that you barely notice in-game. There are very few panoramas or hillside ridges to take in the sights of the city.

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peniku8 Author

Crysis 2 began looking awesome with the 3 latest patches:
- 1.9
- DX 11
- High Res Textures
All in all over 2 GB

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