This version improves the german dynamic between Austria and Prussia by making austria able to maintain it's sphere over the north german minors for longer. It adds many minor changes to lead to more interesting games, and also a decently improved ai compared to previous versions. It also hopefully improves the naval landing ai late game.

Crimeamod Version 1.15

are you planning to create a mod page in victoria2 modding server in discord? I think they can help you there, if necessary, and there you can get feedback on suggestions/bugs faster
anyway, i love what you focus on in development and this is the mod i follow the most

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AlexGrandi Author

Thank you for the feedback, but i don't plan on creating or joining a discord because i dislike it. Most of the suggestions and bug reports currently come from an imageboard dedicated to grand strategy i'm using, where the users also contribute to the development.

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