This is the version 1.75.5 Attributes file for the Fun Mod which together with the 1.75 Art file make up the full mod.

(Outdated) CCM Version 1.75.5 Attributes

Does this patch also fix the IG stronghold scar errors I was receiving as Necrons. As I would love to finish out the CCM campaign but don't want to get all excited, download it & run into problems again. As I'd avoided most of the strongholds at that point I don't remember if there were scar errors on other strongholds that prevented completion. I recall there being a scar error on one of the other strongholds I defeated (space marines I believe) but it did not stop completion of the stronghold. Note that this was with 1.75.

Basically just asking if you fixed the scar errors that the Necrons run into on the IG stronghold & some others that were in 1.75 before I DL it as I don't see it listed in your change log. Regardless thanks for the improvements & fixes as well as always continuing your great work on this mod & others.

Sorry for the double post but wasn't sure which place as more appropriate to post the comment. My apologies for any breach of netiquitte.

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