Hi guys, this is UHDk1ng - creator of CiNEmatic mod for Quake III Arena game for the fans by the fans. You must download all 6 parts - and unzip them into CiNEmaticV1106272021 folder. Then install this folder into Quake III folder and use Quake3e mod extension of open-source of Quake III Arena because Quake III Arena itself does not work well and crashing with error of overload of the game engine limit that is allowed but even if set at 8192 - original Quake III Arena game engine is crashing with it. This is the beta RAW version CiNEmatic CiNEmaticV1.1.06272021 beta that is ready for any mods that are capable to load and use Quake III original pk3 files system and file extensions. For regular users, beta is advised over beta RAW version. If Quake3e mod is installed and CiNEmatic Mod on top then: r_customWidth 3840 and r_customHeight 2160 can be useful to switch to 4K and above. Good luck and please support the project!

CiNEmatic Mod V1.1.06272021_pt5of6(beta RAW version)
UHDk1ng Author

Gamers, please remember that the CiNEmatic mod for Quake III Arena requires 24 GB of VRAM and runs great in 16K video resolution on video cards such as Titan RTX or newer models. You may run the game under a lower resolution than 8K resolution - 4K resolution but VRAM usage will be dramatic and gameplay could lag on video cards that do not feature 12 GB of VRAM.

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