This is a small update of the mod as a patch. Requires C&C3; TA v0.56. You need to rename the existing TacitusA_0.56_Misc.big into TacitusA_0.57_Misc.big before running the mod.

C&C3; Tacitus Revolution 0.57 Beta

Some more bugs:tesla troopers can not attack things.Iron curtain can not kill tesla troopers(may be harmless to all the infantries).Sentry gun's icon is not replaced.

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PurpleGaga27 Author

I know the tesla troopers have issues attacking manually except by attacking automatically.

Also the Iron Curtain ability is not a cloaking field to kill infantry. It's only meant to make vehicles invincible for a short time.

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I want to report a critical bug for 0.57 version that GDI Russia‘s MCV and surveyor do not have a unpack option,which means that GDI russia can not expand the base far.Also,I suggest that a limit of unit production should be set like the other factions for GDI RUSSIA'S air base.

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