The Full release with a TON of bugfixes, New weapon sprites for the Machinegun And Minigun, new, Beefier Sound effects thanks to my Guy Sam, New BDV20B Screen effects added in due to a bugfix, Chainsaw, BFG10K And railgun's code has been reworked to make the weapons both act more recognisable like the railgun, and more satisfying With the BFG10K And Chainsaw, More updates to come as We've still got until V3.0 to finish it All off. Credits: Prof. Existential-Pistol Laser Sights code, Frag-Man-Ultimate BFG Code Used as a Base For the BFG95K, Minigun Sounds, SoundBible- Pistol Firing Sound effect, IDDQD1337- Machinegun Sprint Sprite, SergeantMarkIV- Brutal Doom V21 Used as a base, Dox778- Shotgun Strap Physics Sprites, Thorir- M1911 Code and Sprites, Nuke 'em Muscle- Machinegun Redesign sprite base, Mike12 and Scuba Steve- New Pistol sprites Id Software- Doom 3plasma Rifle sound effect

Brutal Doom: Kickass Edition V2.0

The blood sprinkled on the floor glitters.
be like a bug
There's nothing wrong with the blood sprinkled on the wall. What did you mess with?

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CoomSlayer15 Author

I just added in more blood effects based on the gore in Project Brutality, which is coded in Zscript, so When I was tweaking the code for decorate, It could have Just tracked the Wrong Decal, Causing The weird Flickering effect, But I'll try fix the glitch, and release V2.5 Tomorrow

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