This update was long overdue and it fixes an annoying problem on servers mainly with the banpushfields. If there are still any problems please feel free to report to me.

Leo(T.C.K.) Author

For some reason on this computer the extended description doesn't display, but it was this:
However I tried to test online UPB-E3L4A (not released yet) because there was an update long ago by codex to fix a certain bug mostly present in SP, with this map's one and only use of banscripts for security cameras using cannedcamera and cannedsequence actors. However to my horror the server crashes after player has left that has used those cameras after garbage collection takes place.

Do not use those actors on your maps! And we shouldn't use it for further releases either, I suggest taking out the cannedsequence from e3l4a and replace it with a new package or myleveled actor.

I swear, all the complex banscripts stuff is like delibirately made to sabotage netplay. I don't know who was this guy with initials BAN, all the devs couldn't remember except that he was known as Ben to them.

Okay maybe Benjamin Anton Niggurath?

Like the boss of Quake or....

I wonder how such a person would look like.

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Leo(T.C.K.) Author

I fixed the issue in E3L4A, well went around it more like, by making sure the cannedsequence actor gets deleted online. That was the only sure way to do it, it's actually a bug in the engine itself triggered by this script. So the future release should have that taken care of.

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