Adds automatic building to Geheimnisnacht 0.13.4 (for CK2 2.5.2). Minimally Tested, generated from a script available on the paradox forums on 8/2/16, please report any issues.

AutoBuild Geheimnisnacht 0.13.4 (for CK2 2.5.2)

The building finished events do not seem to be triggering for me. I am being left with the under construction buildings after they are completed.

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Ishar21 Author

This is a pretty old version, for an older version of Warhammer and an older version of CK2. I don't think I have a copy of that version of warhammer anymore, so hard for me to debug.

My recommendation is to update to the latest CK2 and latest minimod and see if the issue still exists. If you can't do that for some reason, then on the paradox forums (linked in the summary) there's a thread for this mod that has the source code that was used to build this upload available; you might have luck generating a mini-mod that will work from the source.

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