Minimally tested version of AB for Flogi's Techmod. Let me now if it has issues and I'll investigate.

AutoBuild for Flogi's Techmod
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I installed this mod and it keeps building the same cornfarm and it has affected my save game in the way that I can't disable it and play the game. Do you know how to fix it?

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Ishar21 Author
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Did you also post a similar question on Steam?

I don't know what the effect of trying to remove it mid game while events are queued would be. However, if you disable auto building in the intrigue menu (which should remove the flag auto_build_enabled_flag from your character) then after awhile notifications should spin down and stop. The 'finished building' events will still fire, so you will get notifications, but you shouldn't get anymore 'started building' events.

I don't know of a way to remove the ones that are already queued beyond that. Having them all finish might take a few years in game time, depending on what it queued up; you can use the province modifiers to see if there's things still outstanding.

At that point, removing it shouldn't be a problem.

Regarding your original problem, I don't have that issue. What type of government were you playing as? The more detail you can give me about the setup which triggered the issue the more I can do to debug it.

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