Includes two Return To Arkham presets, and a few different presets.

Arkham City Shader Presets

This is awesome !! My PC can't handle this :( How can disable the mod just delete the ini file ? And uniinstall Reshade ?

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GPUnity Author

Thanks for the feedback. In your Win32 folder where you installed Reshade, delete the d3d9 files (3 of them) and the 'reshade-shaders' folder. If did any other modifications, delete Texmod and .tpf files. For config changes, uncheck 'read-only' option in the file properties of your edited config. Change the graphics settings in the BMLauncher and you should be good to go.

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Thanks !

Maybe add this sort of info to a text file in the rar archive.

I store/archive my mods and all info is useful if i'm using mods i downloaded ages ago.
Saves having to google for info.

Also you can get better compression with some files if you use 7zip to compress your archives.
Not always but it can make a big difference to the size of archives sometimes and thus quicker to download.
They can also still be opened with winrar.

obviously size doesn't matter with this particular archive :)

oh ,i see your texture packs contain tpf files ,so they probably won't compress much further in 7zip.
I have a feeling you know this anyway :)

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