Small studio currently developing Action Adventure Platformer. Currently consist of two man team but surely need more helps.

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This is my hobby. You can choose the next mod, just send me a message on my profile or on my channel on youtube .. : DD

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Aug 9 2021

Submitted my project to #Minijam

Jan 25 2021

#minijam Overworld for my Jam game.

Jan 24 2021

#minijam Day 2, Progress so far. Got the combat done. Now for the levels.

Jan 23 2021

I'm joining #minijam 72, 72 hours Game Development starts now. Hope for the the best

Jan 22 2021

Hi Twitter

Dec 16 2020

I liked a @YouTube video ACTUAL YOUTUBE REWIND 2018

Dec 19 2018

Screenshot Saturday 20.10.2018 - Ruined Chronicle

Oct 20 2018