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Tiberian Sun Rising is a total conversion mod for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. It is a reimagining of Tiberian Sun with new units, features and more in the C&C3; engine. We have progressed quite far in our development and are nearing public beta but need some additional artists to speed along the development schedule because our team is made up of volunteers.

As this project cannot be sold this is not a paid role, but what we can offer you is credit for your work. You can use any work you do for us in your portfolio immediately (don't have to wait for launch) and if we work well together I'm happy to give recommendations. This will also give you a shipped title you can use on your CV/Resume and doing volunteer work helps demonstrate your passion to potential employers. You'll be joining a diverse team made up of modders, indie developers and some professionals as well. This is a great team to learn, develop your skills and work on a studio quality RTS game.

We are looking for:
-RTS Level Designers - Experienced with Worldbuilder for C&C3;: Tiberium Wars (experience with Generals or Red Alert 3 WorldBUilder is also highly relevant).
-RTS Level Designers from other games if you've done levels for StarCraft 2 or WarCraft 3 or even the original Tiberian Sun by Westwood using FinalSun editor. If this role interests you do apply.

Bonus if:
-If you're already familiar with Worldbuilder for C&C3; Tiberium Wars and have already made levels/fan maps ether multiplayer or single player important thing is familiarity with the tool.
-Super bonus if your familiar with Lookup Tables and their effect on a levels visuals but we can teach you this as well.

What you'll be mapping:
_We already have a number of multiplayer maps but we want to diversify our map offerings have more variety of player number and theatre (tundra, desert, urban etc).

If any of this sounds like you and you'd be excited to work in the world of Tiberian Sun and create some cool maps for our players to play on please apply now!

To Apply

Please send a sample map/level design (ideally for C&C3;: Tiberium Wars) to add TSR Level Designer to the Subject line, please.

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