So nice of you to check out more about us! Where do we start...

Once upon a time (summer 2009, to be exact) an energetic team of guys with a solid background in PC and Palm OS games got to taste Apple iPhone. They enjoyed using it so much that Tatem Games was immediately formed to try out the technology and market which promised - and as of now, proved - to be challenging and rewarding in the same time.

Fast forward a few years and Tatem Games is a major Ukrainian developer and publisher of mobile games. Type the name of the company in the Apple AppStore – and you'll see 11 high-quality games to keep you entertained anywhere, anytime. Most of the games are also available on all major Android apps marketplaces.

We don't like bragging too much, but it's an unbiased sign of recognition that we're being featured on the best games web portals, in books and magazines and invited to industry events. And while that matters a lot, the real driving force behind Tatem Games is our players.

Best fans in the world, the Carnivores Saga Community, have been encouraging us to move on through the bad times and we're happy to keep in touch with them throughout many years. Thousands of new fans have joined, and we thank them every day for staying with us. Their trust is the most valuable asset we have.

The games we make for the world are crafted with respect to people and love for experimentation. The goal of making these games is always pure fun and reaching out to our limits. As tempting as making sequels or clones can be, that's simply not our way. We're happy to able to continue making great and different games thanks to people's genuine appreciation of our creative work.

This is a message about us that we'd love the world to get. You can read detailed and more factual description of the company's structure and achievements below. Check out what's new in our office in our blog or our social accounts. And get in touch!

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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

First Person Shooter

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a console-quality lifelike hunting sim where the players track down a variety of dinosaurs while exploring huge non-linear...

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