We are Spooky Games, an independent video games studio coming right from the rainy Atlantic Coast and the city of Nantes, France. Basically three guys coming from very various (read, not only videogame-related) backgrounds, we united quite some time ago behind a common passion: making games. A bunch of humble projects later and here we are, funding our own studio and having a lot of fun!

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Combat Sim

Sacrifices is a free-to-play god-game-meets-town-sim set in a mesoamerican era. In Sacrifices, your followers are just another resource. You will have...

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Come and read our first Q&A about Sanctuaries! You'll find details about the project, its gameplay and the univers… T.co

18hours ago

This week, we are not introducing an enemy but an ally. The Follower is a fighter devoted to the sanctuary's protec… T.co

Feb 18 2023

Introducing the Pikeman! A better-equipped and more experienced soldier than an ordinary spearman… T.co

Jan 28 2023

Introducing the Veteran! The army's finest wearing the best equipment. He is slow but can take quite a beating T.co

Jan 22 2023

Introducing the Scout! A very light soldier but don't let him fool you, his speed will catch you off guard!… T.co

Jan 14 2023

Introducing the Spearman! The first enemy you will encounter, a versatile infantryman forming the backbone of the c… T.co

Jan 7 2023

Happy New Year 2023 from Spooky Games! Please celebrate responsibly and don't end up like this poor lad! Cheers… T.co

Dec 31 2022

We are pleased to announce Sanctuaries our new game! Sanctuaries is an hero tower defense game set in the same uni… T.co

Dec 25 2022

Spooky Games is coming to Discord! Dear Discord aficionados, we are happy to announce there is now an official Disc… T.co

Dec 18 2022

Update 1.4 is out! Sacrifices is getting bloodier than ever : - Sacrifice every 5 minutes instead of 8 hours - Re… T.co

Oct 28 2021