Hello and welcome to 'Sorealgold', an 'Epistle Story' aka a version of Half-Life 2:Episode 3 the vaporware game Valve never made.
Our ultimate goal is to create the game in GoldSrc or more accurately building a modernised version on it.

So the mod is in production with the first Concept Art created by our in-house artist Angel Octoling depicting various scenes using Garry's Mod.
They relate to a number of points in the story; how they relate to plot well... you'll just have to hypothesise for now.

We should have more Concept Art on the way giving you a further glimpse into the future!

If this taster has sparked an interest in joining the mod then contact us!
Volunteers we need currently:


Are you learning a hard programming language for the first time? Do you want an interesting project to work on? Then this may be for the one you! Ideally since GoldSrc is written C, x86assembly and C++ learning those languages would be most useful although there has been some success in combining Source with other codes, ultimately you never know what computer language might be useful.

Are you an experienced coder? Well you might like the idea of the challenge or the sheer technical achievement of bringing a classic engine into the modern era, whatever the reason, let me know and send us a message!


It could be argued then that Half-Life is really just one long Synthwave music video-turned-video game.
Do you know how to make music? Do you know what Synthwave is? Then this is probably a project you'd be interested in.
We need musically inclined people to help us create the ambience for our game, if you'd like to do that then let us know!


Do you know what 'Hammer' is? Familiar with J.A.C.K. ? Know your Blender? Well if you're interested in the project send us a message.
Whether you're a hobbyist or seasoned veteran video game cartographer, we need you!

3D Modellers and Animators!

Do you like making digital models? Have you any experience working with CAD or other 3D object software?
Do you know what rigging is and do you like building a skeleton?
Well whether you're a beginner or a professional we need you to set the stage and create the world in the final Epistle!

Anything Else!
Do you have a skill send us a message or contact the team on the Reddit and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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First Person Shooter

Hello and welcome to 'Sorealgold', an 'Epistle Story' aka a version of Half-Life 2:Episode 3 the vaporware game Valve never made. Our ultimate goal is...

Intechus_Fufia Creator

Hi so we have a Reddit now:
Also a Tumblr page:

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