Simmetri's mission is to enable a larger audience of people the ability to create interactive art and 3D experiences for VR, AR, screens and projections.

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Simmetri is a powerful sandbox for your imagination. Part game-builder, part sandbox, Simmetri lets you experiment and play as you build. It empowers...

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Here's a short video of us goofing around with antigravity. You can download Simmetri's free demo and check it out…

Apr 6 2020

In less than 10 minutes you can learn how to build a 3D maze and than walk inside of your creation in Virtual Reali…

Mar 18 2020

We're about to give you the moon and the stars! Simmetri is excited to launch 15 new interactive tutorials that wi…

Mar 9 2020

Final tests for exciting new tutorials! #VR

Mar 5 2020

So nice.

Jun 18 2019


May 13 2019

What does the fox say?

May 9 2019