We are a small independent studio located in Basel, Switzerland

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Senalux is a hex-based puzzle game about optics where you solve challenging puzzles with colorful lasers. Use the red, green and blue lasers, combine...

a nifty game

a nifty game


'Nifty' is a simulation, containing as much algorithmically generated content as possible and as little static content as feasible. The entire population...

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Latest tweets from @pixelwithhat

#Senalux, together with over 50 other games #MadeInSwitzerland 🇨🇭 are currently part of a large #SwissGameSale to c… T.co

Jul 27 2020

RT @1uc4r0: Congratulations to @Micha_Stettler and the whole @StrayFawnStudio team for the SGDA Swiss Game Award 2020 for @NimbatusGame, well deserved!

Jul 1 2020

RT @Dragbone: Finally got ECS integrated with the rest of the game! Also added some particle effects because who doesn't love par… T.co

Sep 25 2019

RT @Dragbone: I might have messed up the heightmap🤔 #unity3d #gamedev #oops #indiedev T.co

Sep 2 2019

RT @Dragbone: Added animation blending and a customizable damage system as well as some performance improvements. 1000 units at 5… T.co

Jul 25 2019

RT @Dragbone: Behold I have given my subjects purpose. And colors! (Units can now have custom properties like target location and… T.co

Jul 20 2019

RT @Dragbone: Finally managed to get ECS and baked animations to play nicely. Runs at over 500 FPS with 400 units running around.… T.co

Jul 15 2019

RT @Dragbone: Doesn't look like much but the animation on the right is completely calculated inside a shader solely from the text… T.co

Jun 26 2019

RT @Dragbone: don't mind me... just.... uhm.... testing stuff #unity #gamedev #ecs T.co

May 16 2019