A developer and publisher of role playing games including Sun Haven.

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Sun Haven

Sun Haven

Role Playing

Sun Haven is a multiplayer fantasy farming sim with dragons, magic, a main questline, RPG-style skill progression, and even a final boss.

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Latest tweets from @sunhavenrpg

Take the scenic route home and enjoy the added night ambience on the updated Sun Haven Town Map, coming soon in Pat… T.co

Sep 23 2022

Sometimes picking out new clothes can be too hard, but coming in Patch 0.6, mannequins have your back. You can buy… T.co

Sep 16 2022

Don't mind me, just making sure my Snaccoon feels right at home in his barn! 🐾💖 #farmsim #fantasyRPG #indiegamesT.co

Sep 9 2022

Krusty is a new boss coming to Sun Haven. While he might seem rough around the edges, you can mine your way to his… T.co

Sep 2 2022

The new Nel'Vari Mines are gorgeous. Here you can mine rare resources like Shards and Dragon Scales to exchange for… T.co

Aug 26 2022

As a new farmer, it can be hard to figure out what you're supposed to do. That's why you should visit the new Orcha… T.co

Aug 19 2022

The new Withergate Storyline is being revamped for this upcoming Patch 0.6! This adds in the new Dark Forest maps.… T.co

Aug 12 2022

We just shipped our first ever Dev Blog to Steam, check it out here! Store.steampowered.com In this Dev Blog, we… T.co

Aug 5 2022

While working on Patch 0.6, we've been developing new bosses! There are two types of bosses in Sun Haven: combat bo… T.co

Jul 29 2022

After leveling up in Farming, you can unlock a ton of new recipes with the Beginner Cookbook and Advanced Cookbook… T.co

Jul 22 2022