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Nov 19 2011 Anchor

Hi guys!

I just reinstalled PotC and also installed your mod, but I can't launch the game.

I get a Visual C++ Runtime Error every time I try to start ENGINE.exe (more specifically "abnormal program termination"). Googled this for a while now without satisfying results...

Visual C++ Runtimes are installed in various versions...any ideas?

Windows 7 x64 SP1
Core i5 2500K
GF 570

Just found out on the piratesahoy forums that I need to install Beta 1 before I install the patch 7...been quite a while and I thought that 650MB package would be it :D Since it said FULL...maybe you should add that to the download description since the patch is on the main page and the requirement to download the full beta beforehand isn't that obvious.

Will try now and report back...

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Pieter_Boelen Third Officer
Nov 21 2011 Anchor

This will be much simpler once we release Beta 2 next month; the exact installation instructions are posted in the download description, but you need to press "+ more" to actually see it. :(


Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons News and Downloads
Latest Stable Release: Build 13 Final
Latest Playable Beta: Build 14 Beta 1 Patch 5

Nov 21 2011 Anchor

Installing beta 1 worked like a charm :D

Adding "FULL" to the name of the patch can be kinda confusing...I could have just read the description first, though. :D

Maybe add a message to the installer asking people to install beta 1 first or even a link to the DL.

Thx for the great mod!!

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