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This is a guide to using the Character Editor supplied with Rebalance 3.56 mod - ALWAYS install this after RB 3.56 main mod to complete the Rebalance install !

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 Character Editor is supplied seperate to the main Rebalance mod files but is integral to the install.
With out the Editor files your sever will produce unneeded errors and Single player may be disrupted. Always active the Character Editor to complete the Install of the Mod.

1. If you dont wish to change the normal look of your Character just install with Default options.

2. The Character Editor is supplied seperate to Rebalance to allow you to easily install and uninstall the Editor with out disrupting your mod files. This allows you to quickly change your characters looks for any new characters fast and easy.

Option 1

The top options in the Editor are for you Single player character.
You can chosse a custom look from a choice of Heads, bodies, and Hand equipment.
*** note single player look is affected everytime you reinstall the character editor.

Option 2
The bottom option of the Editor applys to Multiplayer Characters only.
In Mp you can choose for Pre-set characters, If you choose one start up MP and dont like your look. you can log out uninstall the editor and reinstall with different choice.

*** Point 1 for Option 2
If you use Single player and Multiplayer - each time you change your MP look you need to reselect you Sp look to keep it the same or it will refer back to default Trent.

*** Point 2 for Option 2
If you choose a look and create a character in MP then you log out and change the Editor choice,
your character look will not change. But this also means you can create different characters with different looks if you so choose.

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