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Best practice for Server script Options - Server script install can be use Normal Singleplayer, Open Single Player or Multiplayer.

Posted by on - Intermediate Server Side Coding

The new installer adds a diverse choice for your end result game play but works through 2 main options.

Option 1 - This is the main option for Controling you Play Choice but is affected by Option 4.

 Option 4 - This is to choose Wingmen or Commodity scanning in game, Commodity scanning is the basic freelancer routine, this is were police and other factions will scan you for illegal cargo, wingmen use this routine to work so you have a choice of either illegal cargo scanning or wingmen.

 Now due to wingmen also disrupting normal Single player missions they are only available in open singleplayer and multiplayer.

Option 1 - Play Style

1.1 Normal Single Player (Np) - Servers can use this option for servers which will contins the Rebalance universe but with out some of the advanced features of option 1.2 and 1.3 available in MP this option is compatible for 4.2 wingmen as Sp is disabled.

 1.2 Open Single Player (Op) - Servers can use this option to add in cluster missiles and also to work with option 4.2 to add in wingmen.

1.3 Multi Player Only (Mp) - Servers use this Option to enable Cloaking in game, this option is also compatible with 4.2 for wingmen.

Option 2 - Difficulty
As this mainly changes npc's, it applys more to Np and Op than MP.

2.1 Hard - Hard settings for NPC's

2.2 Normal - Normal Settings

Option 3 - Cap Encounters
This controls the EFA and Edge systems capship encounter density.

3.1 High

3.2 Med

3.3 Low

3.4 None - Used if you have High server load or just dont want Cap encounters.

Option 4 - Wingmen

4.1 Commodity Scanning - This is the default routine for Illegal cargo checks ingame, this mode is compatable with all Option one choices.

4.2 Wingmen - This enables Wingmen chips ingame but overwrites commodity scanning.

Option 4 - Serer Side
Bellow Options are only compatible with Choice option 1.3 MP.

Option 5 - NPC Spawning
This Disable NPC Spawning when the Server load is above specified, this will dynamically control your server load and remove third party npc's from spawning. this does not affect mission npc's.

 Option 6 - Player Group Size
Controls the maximum size a group of players can be, default is 32 but for larger servers would be best to lower group size to something more controlled like 6 or so.

Option 7 - Time Cloaked
This is for control of the Cloak device, this option sets the total amount of time a cloak can be active for brefor decloaking. Set by no. of Seconds.

Option 8 - Warmup Time
This is how long the cloak takes to kick in once the client has typed /cloak
Can be set high to stop instant cloaking during combat.

****** Advice for Server Admin - Use the Cloak option with caution. If you find people are abusing the cloak mod then change from option 1.3 to either 1.1 or 1.2 all three options only have slight differences so all are usable in combination of settigns.

Server Admins can use the FLHook.ini located in Freelancer/exe/ folder.
This can be used to set more advanced settings for the Hook and customise your cloak more.
Backup settings before playing too much though !

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