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Best practice install info for Rebalance 3.56. Install using Freelancer Mod Manager for Rebalance 3.56. .bat install is available for people unable to use FLMM but is not advised as does not have all options available.

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Use this to Install with out problems, If a section doesnt apply to you skip it but make sure first.

1. Uninstall all Mods using FLMM

2. Uninstall Freelancer

3. Delete Freelancer Directory program files/microsoft games/freelancer/

4. Reinstall / Install Freelancer

5. Install Freelancer Mod Manager 1.3  - hosted on Lancers Reactor here 

6. Once the Mod Manager has installed and started, at the top select open mods directory.
Select all the pre installed mods and delete them. The mods that come with FLMM are not compatable with Rebalance, by deleting them all it also removes clutter from your FLMM screen.

7. Download Rebalance3.56.rar mod file.

8. Extract the rar file to anywere, like your desktop so you can find the files.

9. First you can Open up the readme file and have a look to make sure you are completly uptodate with the install options for a complete 3.56 install.

10. Double click on
This will start the install of the mod into the mod manager.
once it has installed into the mod manager - Close the Mod manager dont activate !

11. Double click on Rebalance3.56 Character
This will install the Character Editor mod into the mod manager.

12. Once FLMM has the mod ready, you can now Activate Rebalance 3.56

13. Choose the script choices you want and the mod will activate.
(see readme for description of script options or tutorial 2 for clients and tutorial 3 for servers)

14. Once 3.56 has activated you now need to Activate the Character Editor.
This must be enabled for all installs, even if you dont want to use it just install with default options.

15. You can now start Freelancer and Enjoy, Use your normal Freelancer Shortcuts to play.

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