Luckshot Games is an independent game studio founded by Chris Wade in 2015. Their focus is on making innovative, new game experiences to help grow the audience of games.

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Sausage Sports Club

Sausage Sports Club


Sausage Sports Club is a sausage-themed physics game about long-necked animals competing in sports games! In the universe of the game, SSC is a global...

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RT @FreyaHolmer: for my unity spline plugin, what features would you expect/want? current & planned features:

May 26 2023

The best movie I’ve watched this year is somehow an hour and forty minute YouTube video about a DOOM map

May 25 2023

if y'all know any dinosaurs that are good animators / unity programmers send this their way

May 18 2023

RT @lunoland: Pico Echo is out today for iOS and browsers, 'cause you deserve a bird break 🪶🐦 - play free on…

May 17 2023

New weapon of war just dropped

May 16 2023

RT @2DArray: bubbling a giant stack of fish in big-hops (for science)

May 15 2023

When Zelda BOTW came out it inspired me to think about the future of emergent games and I started Big Hops to explo…

May 14 2023